Place a penny, celebrate a life.

The Place-a-Penny Campaign offers a unique opportunity to have a single penny permanently placed on the Unknown Child Holocaust Memorial walls for $18. Each of the 1.5 million pennies that make up the memorial represents a child that perished in the Holocaust.

Why 18?

As you probably know, each Hebrew letter has a numeric value. The Hebrew word for life is חי, and these two letters have the combined numeric value of 18. Many Jewish people will receive monetary bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding and other gifts in increments of 18, each gift wishing “life” to the recipient.

Because this word is so important in Jewish culture, we chose the amount of $18 to permanently place each of the 1.5 million pennies on the Star of David Walls.

In return for each donation of $18, donors receive the privilege of designating someone to honor, memorialize or celebrate. Donors will provide the appropriate email address when submitting their donation and a certificate will be sent to their designated honoree telling them of the honor given to them. It also allows donors to write a personal tribute that will go into the body of the certificate.

Some will choose to Place-a-Penny in honor of grandchildren, friends (Jewish and non-Jewish alike), business associates, rabbis, doctors, lawyers, Holocaust survivors or to celebrate Jewish holidays. There are so many who will truly cherish being remembered in this manner.

Please go to our DONATE page to have your penny permanently placed on the memorial walls and to honor someone by having their name assigned to this honorarium. You are giving a gift that speaks “life,” a gift of infinite value.

Thank you for building this Memorial with us!


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