Webster’s Dictionary defines “maquette” as “a small model of a planned sculpture.”

One of the ways we have raised some of our “seed money” is by offering maquettes – scale replicas – of the Unknown Child Sculpture for sale.  These are truly “limited edition” in that only ten will be produced,  They are bronze, hand crafted and signed personally by the Unknown Child sculptor, Mr. Rick Wienecke.

The first maquette was purchased by Generation SC Homeschool students and presented to Holocaust survivor, Mr. Jack Cohen, as a sincere gesture of appreciation for the numerous times he spoke to the students and shared his experiences of the Holocaust.

The second maquette was purchased by Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, and was given as a gift to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel.  Mr. Jason Little, CEO of Baptist, had visited Auschwitz and personally endorsed and encouraged this gift for Hadassah.

The third maquette was purchased anonymously by a gentleman who gave it to his wife, who holds a weekly prayer group for Israel. The first meeting took place on 9/11/2001 when the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were brought down by terrorists.  His wife takes great pleasure in sharing the maquette for several weeks at a time in both Jewish and Christian homes.

As seen in the photos above, Mr. Wienecke’s signature appears with the two-digit year (14) and “4/10”, denoting that the maquette was crafted in 2014 and is the fourth in the series of ten.  Each maquette measures 14” long, 9 ½” high, 11” wide, and weighs approximately 20 pounds.

These maquettes are available for purchase at $25,000 each, which is completely tax deductible.  If interested in purchasing one of the seven remaining maquettes, please